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Linktipp: Snippet: Drupal 7 URL-Weiterleitungen auf eigene URL entfernen

28.05.2015 - 10:17

Durch einen Fehler im ‎Redirect‎ werden bei Änderungen am Titel von Inhalten teilweise fehlerhaft Weiterleitungen auf den Inhalt selbst erzeugt. Diese 301 Weiterleitungen führen somit zu unendlichen Selbst-Weiterleitungsschleifen.

Simply export HTML content to doc / docx Word document even simpler than PDF generation

Simply export HTML content to doc / docx Word document even simpler than PDF generation

22.05.2015 - 08:45

You'd like to export a HTML document to a .doc / .docx MS Word file using simple HTML (+PHP or other server-side language)? Sounds quite complicated but is even simpler than PDF export! Learn how it works...

Drupal Drush aliases.drushrc.php for setting SSH remote port

Using drush and aliases.drushrc.php with non-standard SSH-Port

08.05.2015 - 15:20

Today I'd like to give you a little hint how to a execute a remote SSH drush command successfully for a connection defined in aliases.drushrc.php when the SSH port differs from default "22". This is for example the case on Hetzner Hosting.

In my case I set the "remote-port" option, but with no success:

  1. $aliases['live'] = array(
  2.   'remote-host' => '...',

Drupal Core bug: user/login, user/password and user/register show the frontpage title instead of the correct page title

05.05.2015 - 16:41

Was für ein Ärger... in einem großen Drupal 7 Projekt hatten wir das Problem, dass der Seitentitel (sowohl <h1> als auch <title> anstatt des korrekten Titels aus dem menu_path den Titel der Startseite anzeigten.

Drupal 7 Developer Snippet: Embed a minipanel in Code in Drupal 7 using contexts

04.05.2015 - 18:47

Not much more to say... :)

  1. ctools_include('context');
  2. $panel_mini = panels_mini_load('my_minipanel_machinename');
  4. // In this example the mini panel has two contexts: A displayed user argument (required) and the current logged in user.
  5.   $displayed_user_context = ctools_context_create('entity:user', $displayed_user);
  6.   $user_context = ctools_context_create('entity:user', $user);

Drupal 7: User profile picture image suddenly gone or reset? Check your user_save() calls!

Drupal 7: User profile picture image suddenly gone or reset? Check your user_save() calls!

30.04.2015 - 10:15

Just a simple but important hint today: If your user profile picture images are suddenly gone mysteriously, you should check your calls to user_save in custom modules or contributed modules.

The reason can be found in this Core issue: https://www.drupal.org/node/935592

You HAVE TO user_load() the full user object before user_save() it again, otherwise profile values are being reset.

Shopware 4: Ausgewählte Artikel nur zur Selbstabholung freigeben (nur Barzahlung)

27.04.2015 - 13:14

Manchmal gibt es Artikel in Onlineshops, die nicht verschickt werden können / dürfen und nur im Ladenlokal abgeholt werden können.
In diesen Fällen muss die Shop-Software eine Lösung bereitstellen, um die erlaubten Zahlungsarten bzw. Versandmethoden einzuschränken und nur Selbstabholung bzw. Barzahlung vor Ort zu erlauben.

Linktipp: Drupal 7 Views 3: Search in nodes via Search API with node as base table (does not seem possible)

15.04.2015 - 16:14

Note to myself: If you used the search.module (Core) before and switch to Search API, there seems to be no valid replacement for Views search fields if using "node" as base table.

You have to use the search api tables as base table like documented in the linked document below.

Please tell me, if there is an other solution. Converting all views is simply too big.


DrupalGap + Windows Phone 8.1 (WP8.1) via Cordova / Phonegap

10.04.2015 - 10:55

WP8.1 plus DrupalGap seems to be a never ending story... after hours or even days I was not able to make it work because of problems with AJAX calls.
I've googled through hundreds of solutions but nothing worked so far.

So if you want to achieve the same, please help us to collect information here: https://github.com/signalpoint/DrupalGap/issues/291

ActiveCollab change Notebooks print templates

07.04.2015 - 10:33

Today I'd like to give you a short hint how to change the output of the print display of ActiveCollab Notebooks. We wanted to do that because we did not like the print output a lot and use AC Notebooks for requirement specifications.

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