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Drupal 7 Commerce HOWTO: Get commerce_add_to_cart_confirmation Message out of the Messages

Drupal 7 Commerce HOWTO: Get commerce_add_to_cart_confirmation Message out of the Messages

The commerce_add_to_cart_confirmation.module uses the drupal_set_message() mechanism to display the add to cart layer after a product has been added to the cart.

This is being triggered via a rules.module rule, provided by the module.
The problem is, that this may create a conflict with other modules, like for example the absolut_messages.module. Furthermore it is a handy **hack** for the commerce_add_to_cart_confirmation.module but you may see it as a flaw.

As a concrete problem I had to solve the conflict with absolut_messages.module as described above and I'd like to share my solution with you, if you should run into similar problems.

What I've done is created a theme hook function in HOOK_preprocess_page($vars) and added a little snippet to the page.tpl.php where to render the add to cart confirmation message into.

Have fun using the following snippets on your own risk:

Add the following preprocess function to your theme and rename it accordingly:

  1. function MYTHEMENAME_preprocess_page(&$vars) {
  2.   if (isset($_SESSION['messages']['commerce-add-to-cart-confirmation'])) {
  3.     $add_to_cart_messages = $_SESSION['messages']['commerce-add-to-cart-confirmation'];
  4.     $markup = '';
  5.     if (!empty($add_to_cart_messages)) {
  6.       foreach ($add_to_cart_messages as $add_to_cart_message) {
  7.         $markup .= $add_to_cart_message;
  8.       }
  9.     }
  10.     $vars['commerce_add_to_cart_confirmation_messages'] = array(
  11.       '#type' => 'container',
  12.       '#attributes' => array('class' => array('messages my-commerce-add-to-cart-confirmation-messages commerce-add-to-cart-confirmation')),
  13.       'content' => array(
  14.         '#type' => 'markup',
  15.         '#markup' => $markup)
  16.     );
  17.     unset($_SESSION['messages']['commerce-add-to-cart-confirmation']);
  18.   }
  19.   else {
  20.     $vars['commerce_add_to_cart_confirmation_messages'] = NULL;
  21.   }
  22. }

Then add the following snippet to where the add to cart confirmation should be output in the template code (page.tpl.php)

  1. if (!empty($commerce_add_to_cart_confirmation_messages)) {
  2.   print render($commerce_add_to_cart_confirmation_messages);
  3. }

Eventually you will have to modify one or two lines of your css selectors, if it doesn't work ad hoc.

Please leave a comment, if this was useful for you or if you have any suggestions for a better solutions.


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