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fix touchpad with Linux boot disc

My Dell E6410 touchpad stopped working. Windows 10.
USB mouse was fine. Little button between the G and H keys worked to. No touchpad.
I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, and the pad itself. Nothing.
No function keys would turn it on either.
Tried to Restore back a week, but my computer couldn’t find the file.
The real question I had was, software or hardware?
So I created a Linux boot DVD.
Very simple, took 10 minutes to download the Linux, a few more to burn the DVD, videos online explained how to do it.
I rebooted the computer in Linux.
Yeah! Touchpad worked. Not a hardware problem!
And when I rebooted in Windows 10, it still worked.
So, try this fix. At worse, it will tell you if your hardware is broken, or your software.


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