DrupalGap + Windows Phone 8.1 (WP8.1) via Cordova / Phonegap


WP8.1 plus DrupalGap seems to be a never ending story... after hours or even days I was not able to make it work because of problems with AJAX calls.
I've googled through hundreds of solutions but nothing worked so far.

So if you want to achieve the same, please help us to collect information here: https://github.com/signalpoint/DrupalGap/issues/291

Okay, let's collect all related information here for WP8.1 compatibility.

(My) Current status: My App is
- NOT working under WP8.1
- Android: WORKS

The problem is (like described above) that the module javascript file is not being loaded successfully. The first error message is: Failed to load module! (...) [ajax call drupalgap_load_modules() function] and the errorThrown.message is: "the filename directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect"

DrupalGap Module version: 7.x-1.9
DrupalGap version: 7.x-1.0-rc4
jQuery version: jquery-1.9.1
jQuery Mobile version: jquery.mobile-1.4.2
jDrupal version: jdrupal-7.x-1.0
Used Cordova Version(s): 3.5.0, 3.7.0 (Both without any success or differences)

I'm using the following plugins:

What I've tried (current status):
1. Setting in config.xml
(I needed this feature also for other functionality. Without it other platforms also did not work. It did not make a change for WP8.1 but you should definitely add it!)

2. Setting jQuery.support.cors = true; before all jQuery.ajax()-Calls (or in device ready). To ensure that it is being applied I wrote the line before every jQuery.ajax() call in drupalgap.js (bin and src) without any success or change.

3. Set isLocal: true in every jquery.ajax() Call. I did that everywhere in drupalgap.js without any success.

4. Adding a "./" Prefix to all pathes in drupalgap.js - did not make anything better.

5. Building local using "cordova build wp8" OR building via build.phonegap.com. Both with the same results / errors.


@signalpoint: It would be very cool if we could perhaps set up a wp8 test application to work on together and find out what's the deeper reason and how to finally fix it. I really think we're not that far away from a solution and it would be cool if we could also provide Drupalgap support for WP8. Wouldn't it? :)

So far please let us collect all information here what to do to solve it.


Thanks a lot!


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