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Modr8 (http://drupal.org/project/modr8) is a great and very efficient drupal module to handle moderation of content.

The module provides methods for moderation and allows to notify users when their content was accepted, denied or if a moderator leaves a comment.

One important thing the module lacks: Moderators information about new content to moderate.
We needed this functionality to ensure quick workflows of content approval for our customers.
So we used Rules (http://drupal.org/project/rules) module to add this functionality in a very flexible and quick way.

To use it you just have to enable Rules and modr8. Then import the attached rule by rules import the following way:

  1. Rules > Import/Export > Import (DOMAIN/admin/rules/ie/import)
  2. Copy-paste the rule attached to this blog post
  3. Click "import"! Done!

Have fun using this. If you run into any problems while importing, just try to understand how the rule works.

For the German speaking or projects in German: There is also a German rule attached to the German version of this blog post.

de-de_modr8_notification_rule.txt2.93 KB
en-en_modr8_notification_rule.txt2.84 KB


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