In diesem Bereich findet ihr laufende und vollendete Softwareentwicklungsprojekte, die ich in meiner Freizeit durchführe.

Julian Pustkuchen Drupal CMS Modul Entwicklung: Commerce Simplenews Checkout integration

Drupal CMS Module: Commerce Simplenews Checkout integration Project description:

Adds a Drupal Commerce Checkout Pane implementation for Simplenews. This makes it possible to subscribe to the websites newsletters in the checkout progress.

Drupal Modul: jQuery UI MultiSelect Widget

Project Description from:

Adds Eric Hynds jQuery UI MultiSelect Widget ( ) to select fields (optional multiselect only) in Drupal.

This jQuery Plugin is great because it offers:

  • Small Interface (in contrast to many other multiselects)

Drupal Modul: Prevent JS alerts

In Drupal 7 ist die Implementierung der Fehlermeldung bei AJAX Anfragen etwas unschön gelöst. Bricht ein AJAX Request durch einen Fehler ab oder wird beispielsweise während der Anfrage vom Benutzer per ESC abgebrochen, wird ein JavaScript alert() mit den Fehlerdetails angezeigt.

Loading sub menu elements

Drupal Module: Ajaxload menu Project Description:

Module to load submenu elements dynamically via AJAX using the "Ajax Load" module in combination with the Menu Block module.

Hovering the first menu block hierarchy triggers to load the second hierarchy to appear via AJAX without clicking.


Drupal Module: CCK Text jQuery Encode RC4

This module aims to a lower level of security for encoding Form API + CCK Textfield values.
If you'd like to store secret values in a form / cck text field secured by client-side encoding using a user defined password, then this module might be the right choice for you!

Drupal Featurelist Modul

Drupal Module: Featurelist project description (update coming soon):
Featurelist extends the cck "tablefield" module to be to able select icons (available, not avaliable, optional, none - all configurable!). It allows you to create a table of "iconed" features. A feature list is being created as CCK field.

Drupal Node Nodetype Information Tab Module

Drupal Module: Nodetype Info Tab Project Description:

This (mini) module adds the nodetype to the "Edit" tabs title in brackets.

Example: "Edit (Page)" instead of just "Edit"

Do you know the problem that you can't remember which node type the current node belongs to?
Especially if you are using several not very different node types on your site, you may (have) run into this.

Drupal CSS JS Preprocessing Compression disabled warning module

Drupal Module: Production Check: No Preprocessing-Warning Project Description:

This module extends the Production check & Production monitor by a simple warning message functionality. If CSS or JS compression is disabled, the warning shows up for all users with the "administer site configuration"-permission.

Das geöffnete Views Filter Formular

Drupal Module: Views collapsible filters

Collapse Views filters and make them expandable on demand.
Working with AJAX pager.

Currently general for all views without choice.

Drupal Module: Views Node Options Icons

Drupal Module: Views Node Options Icons project description (update coming soon):
Views Node Options Icons provides global graphical icons for node options in views like: open, edit, delete, ... optionally overrideable by theme.
This is very helpful if you use those icons in several view on your Drupal page, because they can be added very quickly and consistently. No modification needed, but optional.