Drupal Module: Nodetype Info Tab

Drupal Node Nodetype Information Tab Module

Drupal.org Project Description:

This (mini) module adds the nodetype to the "Edit" tabs title in brackets.

Example: "Edit (Page)" instead of just "Edit"

Do you know the problem that you can't remember which node type the current node belongs to?
Especially if you are using several not very different node types on your site, you may (have) run into this.

The very time consuming way is to enter the Content-Section and look up this node manually. This module solves the problem very lightweight so that there is no need for heavy weight modules like (how solve this as side effect):

- none -

Development sponsored by:
webks: websolutions kept simple (http://www.webks.de)
DROWL: Drupalbasierte Lösungen aus Ostwestfalen-Lippe (http://www.drowl.de)


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