Drupal Module: Production Check: No Preprocessing-Warning

Drupal CSS JS Preprocessing Compression disabled warning module

Drupal.org Project Description:

This module extends the Production check & Production monitor by a simple warning message functionality. If CSS or JS compression is disabled, the warning shows up for all users with the "administer site configuration"-permission.

The module has been created because we again and again ran into the problem that someone forgot to activate the JS / CSS preprocessing // compression on live pages.
The result was, that the theme was not displayed correctly in the Internet Explorer because of this (IE) Bug: [#228818]

If you ran into the same problem, this might be your module!

Module support

  • Supports advagg Module by prod_check already, but take care of #1322172


Development sponsored by:
webks: websolutions kept simple (http://www.webks.de)
DROWL: Drupalbasierte Lösungen aus Ostwestfalen-Lippe (http://www.drowl.de)


AdvAgg Module

Be sure to create an exception for the AdvAgg module

Thank you very much, I

Thank you very much, I planned to add this in the near future.
I was just using that module today Smile

Advagg support added

I now added and tested the advagg support. Feel free to use it Smile

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