Linktipp: 6 Modules to avoid before Drupal 8 arrives

The name says it all. No more comments required.
I don't think you should take the points too serious but some tips are good. For example I didn't know the smart url.module before.

It's worth to have a look!

Linktipp: Drupal: Hide 'Track page visits' Tab on profile pages? Origin? [Update!]

Drupal User Profile Button Track Page Visits

Some days ago I asked myself where this %§$$% User profile Tab "Track page visits" comes from.

The "Tracker" module was already disabled and I couldn't find an option to disable this tab.

Drupal 7: CCK List (Text) Feld als Statusauswahl mit Statusicons verwenden (CCK Custom Formatters)

Drupal Custom Formatters Status Field + Icons

Welches umfangreichere Portal oder welche Software kommt ohne eine Statusauswahl aus? Egal ob "Aktiv", "Erledigt", "In Arbeit" oder "Dringend", immer wieder brauchen wir entsprechende Optionen und am besten eine intuitive optische Darstellung!