Snippet: Drupal 8 Commerce: Show SKU in product variation inline entity form table

Before our modifications to the IEF table

Today I'd like to share a little snippet with you on how to add or remove fields from the inline entity form line items table in a product edit form.

By default that inline entity form table contains

  • Weight
  • Product variation title
  • Price
  • Status
  • Operations

What we'd like to do in our example is to

Never panelize a commerce product display

Hinweis: Dieser Blog-Eintrag stellt einen Hinweis an mich selbst dar, könnte aber dem ein oder anderen Drupal Entwickler bei der Verwendung von commerce.module und panelizer.module ein wertvoller Tipp sein!

Drupal Commerce: Edit form for commerce_line_items to change order positions after checkout

One thing I missed within Drupal Commerce's (commerce.module) flexibility was to change line item values in already checked out orders. This is for example important, if you use custom fields in line items and want to change the values on users request (for customizable products for example).
I had to search a bit to find a robust solution, but finally I am very happy with the solution I'm describing in this blog post.

Linktipp: Wiederkehrende Zahlungen mit Drupal / Ubercart

Ein großartiger Vortrag vom ist mein heutiger Linktipp zum Thema "Wiederkehrende Zahlungen mit Drupal"!

Ein heißes Thema :)