Use (jquery.)photoswipe as lightbox etc. alternative with link fallback

Today I'd like to share a very simple trick which seems a bit underrepresentated in the documentation of jquery.photoswipe (built on Photoswipe): How to simply provide a photoswipe gallery function using the following class based markup:

Open Drupal 8 Webform in Modal

Creating a webform modal is quite simple and straight forward in Drupal 8.

We only need the Webform module and some classes for the modal opening button:

  1. Download and install
  2. Create a webform

Drupal 7 Modal Core Forms and Modal Entity Forms using ctools modal

Some days ago we had the requirement to display some entityforms and other Drupal Core forms like the login in modal windows.

The second requirement is easy to solve. Many modules like colorbox.module, lightbox.module and others solve this already.