Form API

Drupal 7 FAPI's #states: Take care of Internet Explorer (IE)!!! (Conditional fields not working in IE)

Today I ran into a very very mad bug: ‎Conditional Fields‎ did not correctly work in IE, as discussed in this issue:

But as I later found out and posted here this problem is based on the FAPI #states API!

Linktipp: So funktioniert confirm_form (Form API)

Heute empfehle ich einen guten Artikel von Sven Culley zum Thema  confirm_form(); in Drupal 7.

Auf jeden Fall lesenswert!

Drupal 7 Modal Core Forms and Modal Entity Forms using ctools modal

Some days ago we had the requirement to display some entityforms and other Drupal Core forms like the login in modal windows.

The second requirement is easy to solve. Many modules like colorbox.module, lightbox.module and others solve this already.