Drupal Module: Featurelist

Drupal Featurelist Modul

Drupal.org project description (update coming soon):
Featurelist extends the cck "tablefield" module to be to able select icons (available, not avaliable, optional, none - all configurable!). It allows you to create a table of "iconed" features. A feature list is being created as CCK field.

This module may be very interesting for many use cases to show differences between configurations, offers and others in a nice styled way and easy to maintain.
You may want to have a look at the demonstration site to see live use cases.

It wouldn't make sense to deliver this feature strongly coupled within the "tablefield" module, because the use cases may differ a lot. The module has already been checked by the "coder" module. Now I'd like to give it to the drupal community.

Important notice: This module has nothing to do with the "Features" module!

Future Plans:
- Drupal 7 Port
- Draggable rows

Development sponsored by:
webks: websolutions kept simple (http://www.webks.de)
DROWL: Drupalbasierte Lösungen aus Ostwestfalen-Lippe (http://www.drowl.de)" - Aktuell in Entwicklung.



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