Apache Cordova InAppBrowser optimize (external / whatsapp / other protocols) link behaviour

Today I'd like to share my results on a good link behaviour in Apache Cordova's (5.x in my case) link behaviour using the InAppBrowser Plugin.


First of all the cordova plugins I'm using:

  1. <gap:plugin name="cordova-plugin-inappbrowser" version="1.3.0" source="npm" />
  2. <gap:plugin name="cordova-plugin-statusbar" source="npm" />

DrupalGap + Windows Phone 8.1 (WP8.1) via Cordova / Phonegap


WP8.1 plus DrupalGap seems to be a never ending story... after hours or even days I was not able to make it work because of problems with AJAX calls.
I've googled through hundreds of solutions but nothing worked so far.

So if you want to achieve the same, please help us to collect information here:

Phonegap / Drupalgap / jQuery Mobile: Use "pageinit pageshow" events together to ensure functionality

Today I have an important note for you that cost me a lot of time and debugging my Drupalgap / Phonegap App using jQuery Mobile.

Handle file downloads (PDF, DOC, etc.) in PhoneGap HTML Code as system file download dialog (like in browser)

Quelle: http:/ (CC0 Public Domain)

It cost me several minutes to find out how to create a file download link in PhoneGap that lets the user download the file like a normal browser (Phones download dialog).

What does not work?

Use a normal link - nothing happens!
Use the inAppBrowser - Files are not handled by it!

What works?

Use a javascript event with "_system" as target.

Removing Menubutton in Phonegap 2.x application (Three dots button) in Android

Quelle: http:/ (CC0 Public Domain)

Do you wonder where the thee dots menu button comes from in your PhoneGap Android application and how to disable it?

There is no option for that in PhoneGap 2.0 and it's quite tricky to find out.
I found the solution in this thread: