Tethering firewall for Windows (7) to reduce tethering traffic

Last week I was on holidays on a beatiful Island. We had a great time and it was just relaxed.

Everything was fine and a nice fact was, that there was NO WLAN in our apartment. So I had to SWITCH OFF, which is a good thing for me.
Anyway there were some situations where I had some ideas I wanted to write down to my blog. So I had two options:
1. Use my Samsung Galaxy SII Smartphone and type in it - which is horrible for long texts
2. Use my Windows laptop via tethering and lose a lot of my included traffic (It's just the beginning of the month :(:(). Windows will surely run a lot of OS updates, AV Updates, etc. as soon as I connect.

So what I was looking for is a firewall to block this unwanted traffic from my Windows laptop for tethering via Android! [Problem & Context]

The solution I found is quite simple: Use Netlimiter 3 (http://www.netlimiter.com/products/netlimiter-3)! (NetLimiter 4 did not work well for me)

NetLimiter can be configured to only grant access for specific applications. All other applications are blocked.
Simply create a preset to block everything but the browser and some really important Windows services to make it work.

And yes - your trafic limit will not be in danger if you take care.
So NetLimiter made it into my list of notebook's default programs and will be in my side for trips in the future.

Which application do you use to limit your web traffic when tethering on a windows PC?


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